The Importance of Social Stories for Children with Autism

A very overwhelming place is what the world will be especially for a child with autism. A need for sameness and aversion to or difficulty with transitions is what the condition will be causing. It is the child with autism that will have a difficult time every time they will be doing something for the first time. And for this to be addressed then there are things that can be done. One of the effective ways to do it is by utilizing social stories. It is through this one that can prepare them for an upcoming change.

Once you take a look at social stories then they are the ones that are written by teachers, counselors, parents, or therapists. Explaining appropriate behavior and social cues for an upcoming social event is what social stories are able to do. A combination of affirmative sentences, directive sentences, control sentences, descriptive sentences, perspective sentences, and cooperative sentences is what social stories are doing. And it is this one that can help children react to specific situation. It is also this one that can help prepare them for an upcoming change in his or her routine. It is the social stories that are written on the kid’s perspective and in the present tense. And it is also this one that can be sued in different situations.

Of it is social stories is what you will be making then see to it that you will be using descriptive sentences which can help in giving it details. Helping the child recognize the upcoming event is what this one does. Once these things are done then it is the child that will be able to have the appropriate responses to that situation. It is also the perspective sentences that will be teaching the child the response or feeling that they will experience. A rule or law based on a particular situation are what the affirmative sentences will be able to do. The cooperative sentences, on the other hand, are the ones that will tell them how other people will act. For them to be able to cope up with the event then it is them that will have to remember the strategies through control sentences.

It is the children with autism that will find social stories to be very easy to understand. For the upcoming event, it is the child and parent that will be reading and rehearsing the story. Guiding the child how to act is what the social stories will be able to help them. This will help in guiding them about the behavior that they should be showing.

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